Monday, February 15, 2010

Today, February 15, is the usually accepted date when it is believed that the Greek philosopher Socrates was sentenced to death in 339 BCE for the crime of "corrupting the youth". Sceptical minds believe that Socrates could not have been guilty of the charge, as it seems that "the old" have accused "the young" of corruption ever since the beginning of recorded history. If this was true the young would have reached an infinite level of corruption long before Socrates lived. In any case it is likely to be a fantasy made up by the old because:
A. They were unaware of the great potential of the young to corrupt themselves, thank you very much, and they had to imagine it being done by someone of their own age. No doubt this may seem satisfying because:
B. If the young were able to achieve greater levels of corruption than they had achieved themselves what exactly would be left to the old to feel superior about ? If another elder had corrupted the youth then the old would be left with at least one example of such superiority. people can indeed be satisfied with very little.

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