Saturday, February 06, 2010

Well time ticks on, and so do things here at Molly's Blog. I'm presently in the process of listing the links for the CNT-AIT in Spain, and I've found that there are a heck of a lot more than I expected. As I have made plain before on this blog I am more in sympathy with the CGT in Spain than I am with the CNT, but the CNT is still a repository of classical anarcho-syndicalism that deserves respect. Hence the listing of it and others in the AIT that are in sympathy with their point of view. Also, however, people who adhere to the point of view exemplified by the CNT are a signpost that says that certain compromises are "beyond the pale". as such they have great value. For now I am still in Andalucia in terms of the CNT listings. There is much more to come.
I am also, of course, promoting this blog as much as I can. In the course of this I run into some very weird aggressive responses. In particular I run into these when I post to certain blog aggregator sites where it is "assumed" that the posts will be about nothing of any importance whatsoever. In such situations, because I post for a "purpose" I am assumed to be a "spammer".
Molly's Blog does indeed have items that are totally my own opinion. It also has items that are unique translations from either French or Spanish to English. Supposedly this is spam. More importantly this blog aims to be an "aggregator" for news, anarchist, labour, Canadian, whatever. Not everything published here is even something I agree with. I merely think it is important.
I contrast this to what seems to be "important" on this aggregators. A recent list of the top items:
1)My Awesome Girlfriend Made Me My own Companion Cube"
2)Best Seat Belt Ever-Embrace Life
3)Blizzard +Ingenuity=wm
4)If The World Was Inverted By Altitude
5)Amazing Video Of White Blood Cell Literally Chasing Down And Devouring A Bacterium
Well, I don't hold anything against someone who may find these items of interest. I have my own quirks. What I object to is when I get ragged for items that might actually have some importance, especially when the aggression is disguised under the terms that only original posts are allowed. YES, Molly's Blog reprints the posts of others. That is part of its purpose, and I even often reprint posts that I am not in agreement with.
It all comes down to "purpose". Quite frankly I can't see any purpose to being on the internet merely to show the temporary and usually very boring emotions of one's very boring everyday life. No doubt this is a very large portion of what the internet is. Some people get so entranced by this that they sign on to blog aggregators merely to express their, usually aggressive, opinions by comment after comment. Others do this in certain websites.
It's all very good, but what is the purpose of it ? Quite frankly, I find an honest disagreement with an honest, shall we say "conservative", much more enlightening that the sort of 13 year old comment I often get on the blog aggregators. Also, quite frankly, I would rather argue with a legitimate conservative than some of the "anarchists" I have argued with before on this blog.
All that's neither here nor there. It's the way I feel today from what I have seen today.
To a large extent I see what has often been proferred as opposition to Molly's Blog on the blog aggregators as an "dance-macabre", an attempt to give meaning by opposition to meaning in an individual life. It may "feel" good, but, in the end it is unsatisfying because it is obviously untrue. I don't speak of any opposition to the opinions on Molly's Blog but rather to the attempt to circumvent various tricks of rhetoric.
What can I say ? I have a purpose to what I present here. If I didn't I wouldn't bother. This purpose is beyond me. If any purpose is to be real it has to be beyond the individual proponents of it. Other than that it is simply self interest. Perhaps this belongs in 'Molly's Anarchism' more than it belongs here. Still...I cannot help speaking out against irrelevance and trvia. Trivia is what the posts of my opponents think the internet should be.
Whatever, I will continue on despite the criticisms. Such is Molly`s promise to her readers.

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