Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is an anarchist blog, and even more so it is a "labour blog". As such it attracts the attention of those who oppose it. Whatever it may be, the Royal Bank, Walmart, the Hudson's Bay Company, and, of course, governments x,y and z, (and many others) they all drop by here to snoop. Quite frankly their efforts are pretty futile, but it is all the old "putting in time" in any bureaucracy. I've mentioned some bizarre stuff before on this blog where the RCMP was searching down the phone number of one of the kitchens at UBC. The RCMP in Ottawa and the 'Defense Research Establishment' there are pretty good fans of Molly's Blog. I certainly don't catch all their visits because my checking is restricted because of the large number of visitors to this blog. Still, I always hope to catch them in the act of relieving their boredom by clicking on to such things as "Julie Coulard's Tits" ( a favourite amongst bored bureaucratic employees here). Not that I'd squeal on the poor bastards. The Defense Research Establishment (so-called military intelligence) has been caught before accessing porn when they were supposed to be keeping track of the great, grave, serious, overwhelming threats to the Canadian way of life. Exaggeration is hard to maintain when it reduces down to the nitty gritty of mindlessly reading half-witted leftist or Islamic rhetoric over and over and over.
I imagine that the poor bastards who are assigned to check on "the anarchists" must be particularly bored. Quite frankly the greatest threat to the growth of anarchism as a political philosophy is not the evil rotten no good secret police. It's simply some people who adopt the anarchist label and proceed to disgrace it to the maximum of their ability. I have no doubt that the various police forces in Canada have a large number of agents implanted in anarchist groups, and I also have little doubt that, besides the gathering of information, that their tasks often involve the "pushing" of such groups towards violent actions that will disgrace not just the participants, not just anarchists in general but also others that anarchists have made alliances with. The latest example happened out in Vancouver. The political bosses are very happy with such work, and, if done right, it gets a commendation on your record.'s a waste of money from the "opposition's" point of view because there are always more than enough so-called anarchists willing to do the police's work for them for free. As I said above...the greatest threat to anarchism and its growth is...some anarchists.
OK enough sectarian arguments. Back to the police. The other day (night actually-they have these poor bastards sitting in front of a screen 24/7) one guy from the RCMP in Ottawa came here to Molly's Blog and did his due diligence. That's all OK, though I've often thought of sending such people a bill for my services.
Anyways, just because he was bored, he went over to our sister site, Molly's Polls. He decided to vote in the poll 'What Is The Freest Country In The World'. Now if your salary is being paid by a government that hires you as a "spook", even if only an internet spook, you would expect that your first loyalty would be to said government. NO !!! This guy voted for the USA as the "freest country in the world". I guess that his idea of "freedom" may indeed include the "freedom to waterboard" or maybe the "freedom to fly somebody to Syria for torture". Ah, the different meanings of "freedom".
OK, here's what Molly wants. I'd like to see this guy being forced to lie in front of his superiors when he is questioned about where his "first loyalties lie", whether to the country that has given him a security clearance or to the only country that has ever directly threatened and invaded Canada in all of history. I wouldn't want this guy around if "peak oil" comes to be a reality. Can we say "quisling" ? Canada would be occupied anyways, but it wouldn't help any resistance to have those who favour the Empire to the south over their own country in positions of power.
Anyways keep em coming spooks. I love you too. What I cannot comprehend is how you cannot realize that visiting this blog is useless and a waste of time.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I did my Anarchist work these Olympics having a jolly old time with all the people of the world. I had fun and good conversation with people from America to Zambia. I apologized to a Serb for my country bombing his. Then we shot back some absinthe with beer chasers. The Olympic Party is like those brief moments that sometimes happen during a war when the madness of what we are all up against becomes very, very clear before we set our standards back to low and start killing each other again.

Werner said...

Many years ago I was approached (in a manner of speaking) by the former RCMP security service to work for them "reading newspapers" about various groups. This was in the early seventies. Being a fool at the time I refused this although I probably could have made a substantial sum of money just feeding baloney to these dumbfucks. Of course at some point I would have had to admit that most radicals of that time would eventually lose interest and move on. As well one of the trouble with spies is once they've got you there is no escape.