Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well, it's been back to work these past two weeks, after recovering from surgery, and my blog production has dropped off accordingly. It doesn't help that I am spending what I consider an excessive time on 'blog promotion'. Too bad the crowds don't flock to you without effort. The present readership has essentially doubled in the past year, but there are still many hills to climb.
One summit, however, has been achieved. Finally, after months of effort I have finished the listings for the Spanish CGT (see our Links section). 491 items. Larry Gambone, of the Porkupine Blog, gave me a little warning when I started this enterprise many months ago. Now I know. Now I know. The listing is actually more complete in a way than the CGT's own 'Directorio CGT' because I went into all sorts of subcategories that aren't directly accessible from the main CGT site. There are still, however, some items left out. Some are deliberate such as a few sites that contain computer threats. Also there are numerous publications of the CGT whose only address is a pdf file. I had trouble with these, so I omitted them.
There are still a few loose ends to tie up as there are many 'peripherals' to the CGT such as ateneos, radio stations, movie theatres, etc. that may or may not be listed. It took me months to list all of the CGT sites in the Links section. It didn't help that my usual typo ratio was one out of five, and so I was forced to do a lot of editing. The CGT is certainly the most successful anarcho-syndicalist organization in the world. As a matter of fact one could total the membership of all other anarchist organizations, both syndicalist and otherwise, in the entire world and not come close to that of the CGT. What they have done is to make anarchosyndicalism relevant to the modern world. That is something the rest of us are still working on.
As has been stated before on this blog this is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Spanish CNT, and the CGT sees itself as the legitimate heir of this tradition. I'll be presenting more from both the CGT and the much smaller CNT-AIT during the course of this year, hoping to show how anarchosyndicalism is still rlevant in the 21st century.
Til then.

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Larry Gambone said...

I congratulate you on your Herculean effort. Linking all the different locals of an organization with about 60,000 members and 2 million supporters is a task I would not have taken on. But there is one thing about Molly and that is persistence.

How DO you blog promote, by the way? Please send a private e-mail if it is confidential info