Wednesday, January 20, 2010



The following online petition is from the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP Union). As in so many other cases the corporations in Canada are using bankruptcy proceedings to weasel out of their legal obligation to pay the pensions of workers at Fraser Papers. The Frank Mckenna mentioned below has had quite a career in Canadian politics and business. Having successfully avoided ever having to work for a living, except as a lawyer, he became leader of the New Brunswick Liberal party in 1985 and in 1987 won the provincial election, taking every seat in the legislature. He remained Premier until he resigned undefeated in 1997. Until 2005 he moved from one corporate tenure to another, and in that year he was appointed Ambassador to the USA. He remained in that post for only a year. Once touted as a potential federal leader for the Liberals, he has found the private sector much more attractive, especially in his role since 2006 as Deputy Chair of the TD Financial Group. the machinations of the financial sector, after all, may offer more scope to exercise power than any mere political post.

Here's the brief notice from the CEP Union about their petition.

Pay Their Pensions, Frank McKenna:
Frank McKenna is a board member of Brookfield Asset Management Inc., the majority shareholder of Fraser Papers. The corporations are using the bankruptcy process to avoid paying forestry workers the pensions they are entitled to.

Tell Frank McKenna and Brookfield CEO Bruce Flatt to respect retired forestry workers, and to pay their pensions.
Please go to this link to sign the following petition to Frank Mckenna and Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management.
Mr. McKenna and Mr. Flatt,
I am alarmed to learn that Fraser Papers will not honour its commitment to pay the pensions of its retired forestry employees. I urge you to intervene to ensure that retired and current workers are treated with respect, and their families will not suffer financially.

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