Saturday, August 19, 2006

The local papers and even the national papers are reporting the case of 3 MDs from here in Winnipeg who were kicked off a flight back to Winnipeg from Denver earlier this week. The three were apparently all of East Indian descent, and a passenger sitting in front of them took offense when one of the three, Dr. Ahmed Farooq, exchanged seats with one of the others so that he could say his Muslim prayers unobtrusively. The guy in front had been drinking a little too much and started a bit of an argument. When he was moved to another seat he made a comment to the flight attendant that he had heard one of the three say, "now I can control the aisle". The three doctors were taken off the plane and questioned. The police were more apologetic than the airline.
A simple example of how to get a dig in via a false accusation. I do,however, wonder if this couldn't be worked up to accuse anyone with a southern accent. Perhaps, if American neo-Nazi terrorism was in the news recently. Something to keep in mind.
The drunk, by the way, wasn't taken off the plane !!!!

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