Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just a Little Postscript:
Just a little postscript to the last entry. It is no wonder that the USA is the throbbing centre of this sort of nonsense. Only in the USA has the consumption of food become such a matter of religious observance and a proof or disproof of one's virtue. The Americans tend to take these matters at a different level than the civilized world does. Thus the campaigns for virtue in terms of food consumption. Thus the throbbing centre of health food quackery. The trouble is that "so goes Chicago then follows Vienna". The American Empire is not just a matter of military and corporate penetration. It is also a matter of the penetration of the so-called "alternatives" as they are defined by the American "opposition". The world recoils from a world divided between the Mormons and the so-called "counter-culture".

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