Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Couple of Items From 'Straight Goods', an independent left wing cyber magazine ( )
1)The Most Militant Union In The World.
According to an article by Mike Martin in the August 15th edition of SG this title is held by the autoworkers of South Korean manufacturer Hyundai. They have held a strike in every year for the last 12 years and "won" every time. This union is attempting to negotiate a total industrial union for its industry with other workers represented by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, in imitation of the IWW's concept of industrial unionism- though I mean NO direct influence here.
2)I've seen this before on the internet, but SG reproduces another article here (The New Funding Heresies) on a conspiracy by American millionaires to fund "progressive" organizations in the USA. The author is Christopher Hayes, and the article is lifted from 'In These Times' (an American vague left publication that would be categorized in the civilized world as social democratic). The report is on a conference in early May, 2006 of the 'Democracy Alliance' in Austin Texas- held, of course, in the obligatory liberal smoke free environment. The nickname of what these conspirators want to build is "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy'. Vast ??? "Left Wing" ???? "Conspiracy" ???? In civilized countries the subsidization of harmless left wing opponents is a government function in that 1)the advancement of careers in leftism is considered part of educational and economic development and 2)civilized governments recognize the social benefits of channeling opposition towards bureaucracies of social control that have secondary economic benefits. Only in America is this considered a matter of private charity for a segment of the ruling class. What a weird country.

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