Friday, January 27, 2012




Kreditanstalt said...

Better yet, let's give EVERYONE a tax cut. What's wrong with that? Why should some - wealthy or less so - be forced to pay for the government services of others at all? This IS a libertarian blog, isn't it?

mollymew said...

This is NOT a "libertarian blog" in the American sense. It is a "libertarian socialist" blog in the Canadian sense, and furthermore is the same as the movement uses and always has used in the European and Latin American sense. Basically in 95% of the world the definition of "libertarian" is different from your American one.

There are "left libertarians" in the USA, almost always outside of the Libertarian Party who are "market fundamentalists" and who basically share the same sense of priorities that the vast majority of "libertarians" in the rest of the world do.

NO, no tax cut for "everybody" especially the rich who already avoid enough taxes ! Yes to a tax cut for ordinary people to lay the basis of realistic alternatives to government. YES to cutting off corporate welfare as a first priority before messing with torturing the poor even more.

It's all in a sense of priorities. What comes first. This is what divides the basically conservative majority of American "libertarians" not only from the great majority of those who claim the label but also from their far more sensible and consistant confreres in the USA.