Thursday, February 10, 2011

I did it ! I did it ! I did it ! After some rather humbling communication from a Bosnian comrade last December I set myself the task of editing the links section. Today Molly is happy to announce that at least a large portion of this task is completed. The 'Blogs and Facebook Pages' section of the Links has been thoroughly screened. All dead links have been deleted, and any items that have shown no action for a year have been removed to the 'Baron Mollydi's House Of Zombies' section. God only knows if any of them will return from the dead.

There's still a lot of go in the other sections, though I have been working on them piecemeal. Sooner or later, however, it will all be done, even the, literally, hundreds of items that are in the queue to be added. Much thanks to Srdjan and his Kad Budu Gorjeli Gradovi blog. There's also a tip of the Molly hat to Srdjan because the blog linked above in Tumblr is the third one he has had since mid December. For some reason that is beyond me he managed to get banned from both Blogger and Wordpress for the infamous and ever mysterious "violation of the terms of service". I've never known anybody else who managed this, and it is very mysterious to me as I never saw anything tremendously offensive at his sites. The Lords of the Internet move in mysterious ways.

So I toast Srdjan and thank him profusely.


Larry Gambone said...

Congratulations! What an incredible job you have done. But I never thought I would live to see the day when making a list of anarchist organizations and publications would become such a time consuming task. We have come a long way since 1970.

mollymew said...

It really is something. When I mentioned the "hundreds" of items waiting in the queue I wasn't exaggerating. Nowadays one might fret that there aren't enough anarchists in say Atlantic Canada or in the NWT. We no longer have to fret about have "no" organizations or being fifth or worse past the post after a horde of Leninist grouplets, or being unable to organize anything lasting or national in scope.

Still, there is a long way to go, and I hope to live long enough to see another order of magnitude growth. From 1970 to now it has been at least an order of magnitude and probably closer to two ie 100 times as much. Well...maybe 50 times more.

Anonymous said...

thanx for giving me space....
i was not banned from wordpress, only from because i published addresses of nazis, which is violation of terms of most of blog services.
blog will continue to exist, although im more and more frustrated with alienation internet creates towards real world. and with fact that people are more and more non-interested in social and political issues. at least here in balkans is so. which is partly due to this first thing.
thanx again. keep the good work. cheers.

mollymew said...

I guess you left the wordpress blog yourself. My mistake. You keep up the good work too.
Interest comes and goes, and as Larry makes plain (we've both been anarchists for decades), you have to take a long view to appreciate just how much progress has been made.