Saturday, June 26, 2010


The film studio prison camp that was taken over as a detention centre for those arrested at the G20 protests is getting at least some use. It seems, however, that it has become more of a 'preventative detention' centre as it is now housing inmates scooped up in household raids removed from the actual protests themselves, with no evidence that those arrested actually committed any crimes. Here, from the Facebook page of the Toronto Community Mobilization Network is a call for a solidarity demonstration tomorrow, June 27.


Friends, comrades, and allies’ are being detained. Homes have been raided, people have been snatched, and arrested in the streets. At least [#] of our allies are being held at 629 Eastern Ave, at a film studio that has bee converted into a temporary prison for G8/G20 those resisting the G8/G20.

We need to show our comrades and friends that we support each other, and show that we can’t be divided by fear.

We are intending this to be a low-risk solidarity rally to demonstrate our support:

10:00AM - SUNDAY, JUNE 27

Jimmie Simpson Park (870 Queen St East)

Then proceeding to rally outside the detention facility at 629 Eastern Ave
Snacks provided.
Accessibility van: 9:30am, St George station’s East (Bedford) entrance

Organized by the Jail Solidarity Working Group


Anonymous said...

Stay out of our neighbourhood. Lots of children live here. We don't want you to hurt anyone or make our playgrounds and parks unsafe. Keep your bullshit mixed messages away from Leslieville. We all know you are victims of your own misfortune.

mollymew said...

Somebody seems pretty ticked off.