Monday, June 21, 2010


Street Health is a community outreach organization in Toronto which serves a mainly poor clientelle. Recent moves have placed the accessibility of this service in doubt due to the closing of the most convemient location for 'street people' to access. The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) has been organizing for a long time to try and block the destruction of this program, and now they are calling for people to attend the Genreal Meeting of Street Health tomorrow to continue the fight. If you liove in the Toronto area consider coming out to lend a hand. Here's the appeal.

Fighting for the Heart of Street Health‏
Come out tomorrow, Tuesday June 22 - 6 PM!
Fighting for the Heart of Street Health
-Holding the Board of Street Health Accountable to the Community
Tomorrow, Tuesday June 22, Street Health is holding its Annual General Meeting. Laura Cowan, the Executive Director,and Eleanor Lester, chair of the Board of Directors, steadfastly refuse to meet with community members to discuss the removal of the PAID administrative office at Street Health which was removed last December. They are also refusing to address concerns that Street Health is now being taken over by high-paid corporate consultants.

We invite everyone who cares about Street Health to attend this Annual General Meeting tomorrow and demand that the Street Health Board and E.D. finally address these concerns and return Street Health back to the community!

Meet in front of Street Health, 388 Dundas Street East (just East of Sherbourne & Dundas Street East) at 6 PM.

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