Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Since the uprising of last winter the authorities and Greece's large and influential anarchist movement have played a cat and mouse game. While the anarchists failed to break through and inspire the general population to revolt they, in turn, were not crushed by the government. This is a situation that the authorities find most unsatisfactory, and since the failed insurrection they have increased their efforts, aided by neo-fascist allies, to reduce the influence of the anarchists as much as they can- often by what seems like a calculated campaign of terror. What the rulers fear is not so much the anarchist movement in its present state but rather its potential to trigger another revolt that the majority of the population might join should economic times be tough enough.
The following, originallyfrom Athen's Indymedia, has been edited for English grammar and published at the Anarkismo site.

Arson attempt against Fabricka Yfanet:
Fabricka Yfanet is a former 19,500 m² factory in Thessaloniki (Greece) that has been occupied by people demanding their freedom from political and economic oppression since 20 March 2004.
On Saturday morning, 25 July 2009 at 5.05, arsonists attempted to put our squat on fire by lighting barbecue tanks at the main iron gate. They left a bag containing six gas cans, one 4-litre petrol canister, and a box of fire-starters.
The explosion could not escape the attention of squatters on standby inside the occupation for its protection (such measures were taken after the government threats against free spaces). With the help of neighbours we put down the fire, and fortunately absolutely no damage was done at all. Of special interest was the ‘quick mobilization’ of the police: just six minutes after the explosion they came with three patrol vehicles, a car with civilian number plates, and a jeep.
Cops came out from the latter with hostile intentions. 20 minutes later two riot police squads, attempting to provoke us, were seen at the corner of Katsimidi Str. and Egnatia Str.. Comrades were called and came quickly to help defend our squat in case of attack.
This was the second attack against a free space in Thessaloniki within the last four days (the first attack was against Radio Revolt, a radio station in a retired railroad car within the city's major university).
Nothing will overcome our determination to defend our squats—the places where we live and breathe. *
This is a refined translation of this Athens Indymedia post, with the help of two other posters who wrote the draft translation:

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