Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The following appeal for online solidarity comes from the Jobs With Justice coalition in the USA. It seems that even the Toyota company which is far from being bankrupt wants to use the opportunity to shed workers.

No "Jobless Recovery" -- put workers first in auto retooling:
Once again, a major corporation -- this time Toyota -- is threatening to cut thousands of jobs in the name of 'competitiveness.'

Don't let banks and corporations get away with a "jobless recovery" that restores profits and bonuses, but leaves workers behind. A real recovery puts workers and communities first, providing good jobs, affordable housing, retirement security and health care for all.

As part of the complicated auto industry bankruptcy process, Toyota is considering shutting down its only unionized workforce, the highly efficient partnership with GM called "New United Motor Manufacturing Inc." (NUMMI) in Fremont California. Shutting down the plant would cost 4,500 good autoworker jobs, not to mention tens of thousands at dependent companies.

The "Motors Liquidation Corporation" (the new name for the pre-bankruptcy GM), Toyota and the bankruptcy court, influenced by the US government's auto restructuring task force, will be deciding the fate of this plant and these workers.

Take action to save jobs at NUMMI and to put Congress on notice that we need a new economy with new rules embodying worker and community interests and economic fairness.
Please go to THIS LINK to send a nessage to the US Congress about this situation.
The possible loss of 4,500 good jobs at the NUMMI plant in California will have another negative ripple effect, adding to the economic crisis. The government's auto restructuring task force should ensure that workers and the economy come first as the auto industry is retooled for sustainability.

I urge you to do what you can to encourage fair negotiations with NUMMI, Toyota, the former GM and the bankruptcy court.

Beyond saving these thousands of jobs, I ask you to take bold measures that will transform our economy for the long haul in a more just and sustainable way. It's time for Congress to break the grip of the big banks, create millions of good new jobs (with the right to organize without intimidation), stop evictions and ensure retirement security and health care for all.

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