Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The following item is from the United Farm Workers down in the USA.

A Dire Ruling for the Nation's Farm Workers:
Federal Court Decision Regarding Bush Guest Worker Program Lowers Wage Rates, Worker Protections for Nation’s Farm Workers
Back in May we told you the exciting news that new Labor Secretary Hilda Solis suspended the Midnight(ie last minute regulations before leaving office- Molly) Bush-Chao H-2A regulations.

We deeply regret to tell you that a North Carolina federal court judge has overturned this ruling. He said the H-2A growers would suffer irreparable harm if not permitted to pay the lower wage rates that the Bush-Chao regime allowed.

As a result of this action, thousands of vulnerable farm workers in the United States—including both domestic and foreign workers--will suffer lower wages, lost benefits, and reduced enforcement of their labor rights.

These midnight H-2A regulations changes by the Bush administration gut existing protections for both domestic and foreign farm workers. They make it easier for growers to slash the pay of domestic farm workers and hire imported foreign laborers instead of U.S. field workers. They weaken government protections in an industry known for violating the minimum wage, housing requirements and other rules.

Current Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis made the right decision, the moral decision, and the lawful decision in a public process to suspend the Bush Administration rules and reinstate the regulations that had been in place previously.

We urge the Secretary of Labor Solis and the Department of Labor to appeal this decision immediately.

The United Farm Workers vows to do all we can to fight for farm workers’ interests and overturn these harmful rules. As part of our fight, the UFW along with Farmworker Justice, will continue with the lawsuit we filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. in January.
We will keep you updated with future developments.
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