Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're due to leave Praha for Wien tomorrow. Lot's of interesting stuff in this city. Many tales to tell for later. Off to see The Castle (shades of Kafka) this PM. The only great annoyance is the "pay as you piss policy" of most public washrooms. Most have an old Baba guarding the door to the can. The price varies from crapper to crapper, and the price bears no relationship to the quality of the facilities. The toilet paper looks for an entrepreneur to start importing the real stuff to this country.
The best incident was desperately !!!! searching for a non-upscale toilet in Wencelas Square one evening. Finally, I find one in a McDonald's. Fumble,fumble with the coins. The cost was 5 koruna (only about20 cents actually). My surprise- the Baba hands me a coupon redeemable in the restaurant. So........I got a coupon for shitting in McDonald's. Above the Big M is (literally) The Museum of Communism. I think that this says it all about why the commies lost. The commies provided subsidized toilet paper for the masses, paper that still exist today. I imagine that the whole lot was (over)produced in some factory in Irkutsk in 1973. But you'd never get a coupon for taking a dump from the commies. They may, however, have distributed free coupons that entitled the comrade to one free dump every third day. Need it or not.


Larry Gambone said...

I always use McDo when travelling. It is also a political statement as in "I piss on your corporate crap culture" Have a good trip Pat. Look forward to your comments. How bout an article in the future?

PS See you got a couple of parasites in your comments section. These verminous scum did the same to my blog but there is a way of eliminating them. Go to "change settings" then "comments" in your Blogger Dashboard and then mark yes, for "show word verification" This keeps the human garbage at bay..

mollymew said...

Ciao Larry,
The bloody international keyboard here in Italy seems to be different than that in the Czech Republic. I've deleted the spam before, but I'm a little too chilled to try and do it in Italian. I'll get to it when I get home.
An article will be sent sometime in the future.

mollymew said...

Ciao Larry,
The deletions have been done. I gather you had about as much difficulty as I did when using international keyboards. I swear to the Lord Jesus that they were different in Italia than in the Czech Republic. It drove me nuts. Anyways, the comments will now begin. See the post section.