Sunday, October 01, 2006

Links, links, get your red hot links here. Only 50 cents for one, three for a dollar. Get em here, and get em now. The following 6 new links have been added to the list at the bottom of this page.
Under the general Links section see:
1)Autonomy and Solidarity, a libertarian Marxist site.
2)Jesus Radicals. Christian anarchists. Their library has also been added under the Online Libraries section.
3)Daybreak Collective. A group active in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.
Under the Online Libraries section besides item #2 above see also:
Question Everything.
Under the Texts section see:
Barbarians At The Gates of the Public Library by anarchist librarian and member of the ATN discussion group Ed D'Angelo.
Ttttttat's all for now folks,

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