Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Tip of the Hat to the Master:
In case anyone wonders where the "daily history" timeline that sometimes appears here, this is the story. It all essentially begins with David Brown's anarchist timeline at 'The Daily Bleed' (see the Links section). This is edited down for my interests and added to from some other various sources. Any (rare,rare,rare,rare !!!!) errors in The Bleed will hopefully be corrected in this process along with the other process. This is expansion as opposed to pruning. various matters are looked up and expanded from the original in The Bleed.
So let me take this opportunity to tip my hat to the original master of the anarchist timeline, David Brown, and encourage you to visit his site. Your interests may be very different from mine, and some things that I leave out may be quite interesting to you.
Also, one other item. I've added the Saskatoon Anarchy Blog to the blog section of the links. have a look.

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