Friday, September 22, 2006

Today in History:
1692: The last 8 women hanged for witchcraft in Salem MA today. Coincidentally today is the fall equinox and therefore the time of the Wiccan festival of Mabon. A good time to "hang around". This years actual harvest moon will be coming up soon in early October. It usually falls in September, but this year the one in Oct. is closer to the equinox. Each full moon has a traditional name, but this year there will be a stutter as the hunters' moon becomes the harvest moon.
1792: Legislation passed in the French National Assembly establishing the new revolutionary calender. Came into force in 1793. There was a week of ten days and 12 months of 3 weeks each. The left-overs- well have a good party. This would be the first day of the month of Vindemaire- fine wine. But who's counting.
1862: Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation put forward. Due to take effect on jan. 1st, 1863, but only in states "in rebellion" against the federal government. Seems there was something missing here.
1871: Japanese anarchist Shusui Denjiro Kotoku(1871- 1911) born. Executed in connection with a plot against the emperor.
1903: Patent issued for the ice cream cone. No kidding ! How cool ! More licks, less drips.
1912: Mexico- the anarcho-syndicalist Casa del Obrero Mundial founded.
1973: Spain: Anti-fascist anarchist guerrilla Salvador Puig Antich arrested because of his part in the anti-Franco campaigns of the MIL (Iberian Liberation Movement). Later garroted by the Francoist government on March 2, 1974.
1975: Your Personnel Department Sucks Dept.: Sara Jane Moore attempts to kill US President Jerry Ford. The interesting part is that she a paid informant for both local police and the FBI
1985: France admits planting bomb that sank the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand. Not, definitely not, absolutely not part of any international terrorist conspiracy. Who us, Non, absolutement Non.

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