Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Moons of the Year:
In the USA each full moon of the year has an unique common name. These names are an amalgam of the names given to them by various native tribes in the American North East and the early settlers. From here they are. Note: months may vary depending upon the year:
Jan: The Full Wolf Moon. January is the hungry time. It's also known as the 'Old Moon' or the 'Moon After Yule'. Some tribes applied the name of the next moon to this one.
Feb: The Full Snow Moon. In the NE USA the snows are heaviest in this month. Because of this some tribes referred to this moon as the 'Full Hunger Moon'. Hunting is more than difficult in heavy snow.
March:The Full Worm Moon. In the NE of the USA the ground softens in this month and the earthworms return. Other native names for this moon are 'The Full Crow Moon' because of the crows signalling the end of winter, the 'Full Crust Moon' because the thawing of the snow causes it to "crust" and the 'Full Sap Moon' marking the time of maple tree tapping.
April: The Full Pink Moon. The grass pink or the wild ground phlox were among the earliest wildflowers of spring. Hence the name. Other names include 'The Full Sprouting Grass Moon', 'The Egg Moon' and the 'Full Fish Moon' for when shad came upstream to spawn. This is also the Pascal Full Moon, and the first Sunday after this will be observed as Easter. Don't laugh. The fate of Western Christendom once hinged around this date.
May: The Full Flower Moon. Obvious. Also known as the 'Full Planting Moon' and the 'Milk Moon'.
June: The Strawberry Moon
July: The Full Buck Moon. When deer antlers make their appearance.
August: The Full Sturgeon Moon. The best month for fishing on the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. Also known as the 'Full Red Moon' because of summer haze, the 'Green Corn Moon' and the 'Grain Moon'.
September: The Full Corn Moon.
October:The Full Harvest Moon. Usually, but not this year.
November:The Full Beaver Moon. Time to trap the beavers before freeze-up. Also called the 'Frosty Moon'.
December: The Full Cold Moon. No explanation needed. Also known as the 'Full Long Nights Moon' and the 'Moon Before Yule' amongst European settlers.

Shine on, shine on Harvest Moon.

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