Wednesday, September 01, 2010


They're popping up here, there and everywhere; far too many to keep track of. Anarchist Bookfairs have become a favoured method of gathering and exchange between the ever expanding anarchist communities. Here's a new one ( at least I think it's their first ), the 'Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair' being held on September 11 and 12 in Minneapolis, MN.

Minneapolis is not that far from Winnipeg, 621 km to be exact. The internet says that is 7 hours, 4 minutes driving time. Leadfoot Molly would bet she could make it in 6 easy. The twin cities are actually the closest real city to the dreaded 'Peg'. The even more dreaded Regina is 572 km away, but it takes a certain masochistic impulse to go to Regina for any reason. So, if you're interested Peg People this might actually be a somewhat legitimate excuse to visit Minneapolis and St. Paul. Here's the schedule for the event. Check the website for other details.
The bookfair will take place at the Powderhorn Park building located at 34th st and 15th ave s., Minneapolis.

Saturday 9/11: Noon-6pm
First Workshop Block: 1-2pm

-EXCO and Anarchist Education

Featured Speaker: 2-4pm- Diana Block

Diana Block has been a social justice/feminist activist for forty years. She was a founder of San Francisco Women Against Rape and of the anti-imperialist group Prairie Fire Organizing Committee in the seventies. She spent thirteen years underground in connection with her solidarity activities with the Puerto Rican independence and Black liberation movements, including two years living in Minneapolis. After returning to public life in 1995, she was a founding member of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, the Jericho Movement and the San Francisco 8 Defense Committee and continues to be active in prison abolitionist work focused on women and transgender prisoners. In 2009 she published her memoir, *Arm the Spirit – A Woman’s Journey Underground and Back.* She lives in San Francisco with her partner, Claude Marks, and has two children.

She will read excerpts from her book and reflect on her experiences.

Featured Speaker: 4-6pm- Cindy Milstein

Cindy Milstein is a board member of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, and a former teacher at the Institute for Social Ecology. She does grassroots political work at home and public speaking anywhere else, and has long been involved in anarchist projects and social movements. She recently released a book on AK Press, “Anarchism and its Aspirations.”

Other Events:
1pm- Anti-War Committee “End the War on Terror” Protest (Hennepin Ave and Lagoon Ave)

7pm- Diana Block at the Friends Meeting House in St. Paul

Sunday 9/12: 2:30- 8pm
First Workshop Block: 3-4pm

-Anarchism and Fiction

-Money: Where do we go from here? Presented by Tony Hunnicut

A full schedule of workshops and speakers will be posted soon.

Other Events:
2pm- Really Really Free Market- Powderhorn Park (by stage)

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