Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Molly's Kitchen Sink Writing Problem


     Well it's back to blogging, and my old problem remains - motor mouth of the pen. I've always had a tendency to 'kitchen sink' anything I write. The old 'and another thing and another thing and another thing' habits refuse to die. I've begun to write reviews of books that I've been reading. Production, however, is miniscule. I've had a review of 'Pierre-Joseph Proudhon', one of George Woodcock's many biographies on the burner for some days now, but it's a dish that keeps cooking but never seems to be done. It's been decades since I first read the book, and it's fascinating to return to it with all the (cough) wisdom of age. Yet it seems that the review is developing into a book of its own. Or maybe it's just that I am more inclined to check and recheck things before putting them in final form.

It's still coming though. I promise not to bore readers too much with my writing process. This is just a little explanation. Excuse ? Still the process is interesting in itself.