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Well now that the great raison d'être for America's far flung wars is safely swimming with the fishies it might just be time for that country to question why they continue to fight. A peace coalition called the Three Million Strong March On Washington is planning to drive this point home next July 1. Here's their announcement.

Anti-War Rallies and Demonstrations
Friday, July 1 at 8:00am - July 4 at 4:00pm

Location Everywhere USA


More Info

Glen Ford recently wrote in the Black Agenda that Americans no longer support the Anti- War movement because there is a Democratic President in office. Let's prove him wrong on his analysis. Party Politics Be Damned when it comes to war - we should all be working towards a more peaceful and just planet. www.htp:// is an organize locally page for the Three Million Strong March on Washington. I challenge each of you to use it to organize an Anti-War rally in your area over the 4th of July weekend. Let's show the world what the American people are really about.

Three Suggestions -
1. You should be peaceful and respectful
2. You should not condemn our brothers and sisters in Uniform. They are not the problem of war, they are simply doing what they believe is right for their country.
3. Since this is the month President Obama has made clear he will begin withdrawal from Afghanistan, your protest/rally should reflect that.

Printable flyers at

Once you've organized please announce your action here, no matter how big or's important, even if you only have a few folks, every person, or group of people count. Also - please photograph your action/s and send them to us --so we can organize pictures prior to, during, and after-wards.

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