Sunday, March 27, 2011



Since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 the Sendai Yomawari Group of anarchists has shifted its focus to disaster relief in their city. Sendai City is located on the northeastern coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu, very near to the epicentre of the quake. It suffered major damage from both the earthquake and the resulting tsunami which apparently reached 8km inland in parts of the area. About 1 million people live(d) in Sendai which is located north of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster. The following is an appeal transmitted via the Asian Anarchist Network for assistance in the humanitarian work of the Yomawari group.

@@@@@@@@@@ [AAN-Global] call for donation for people affected in the earthquake (esp. Sendai region)‏ Hi friends, We are surviving in Tokyo. While deeply concerning about Nukes radiation accident, We would like to introduce one way of overseas friends to help out the earthquake affected people. The Sendai Yomawari Group has been working on homeless people in Sendai City since 2000. In this time of emergency, they extend their daily activity for the earthquake affected people. Some Tokyo and Osaka comrades are joining them with tons relief materials. We need more materials to supply people. Please support Sendai Yomawari Group with your donation. In solidarity, Risa For Circulation ==================

Call for Donations 18th March 2011 We appeal for donation: *Postal order: - Account: 02240-5-66005 - Name: Sendai Yomawari Group (仙台夜まわりグループ) *Bank transfer (1): Bank and blanch: 77 Bank (0125) Hachihonmatsu Blanch (275) Street Address of the Bank: 1-15-25, Hachihon-Matsu, Taihaku-Ku, 982-0001 Sendai-City Miyagi-Prefecture BIC (SWIFT): BOSSJPJT Account number: 5214271 (Saving Account) Name: Tokutei Hieiri Katudou Houjin Sendai Yomawari Group Street Address of Sendai Yomawari Group: 17-25, Bunka-Machi, Taihaku-Ku 984-0815 Sendai-City, Miyagi-Prefecture *Bank transfer (2): - Bank and blanch: Miyagi Daiichi Shin’yo Kinko Hosyun’in Mae Blanch - Account number: 1014823 (Saving Account) - Tokutei Hieiri Katudou Houjin Sendai Yomawari Group (特定非営利活動法人仙台夜まわりグループ) *PayPal account

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